Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty discounts work on how many products you own and will only display on the website once you're logged in. Please log in via this URL https://www.submissionaudio.com/account/login?return_url=%2Faccount (If you're getting an error where your account doesn't exist, please create an account with the same email you used on your previous purchases)

The Discount is calculated on the cart page. If you are logged in and not seeing the correct discount, please contact us via the Live Chat option on our site and we will investigate.

For information on registering for a SubMission Audio account, please read this article


Sales Discounts

If an automatic discount is not applying, please try and clear your cache, alternatively, please try another browser. Automatic discounts are generated on the CART page, not at checkout.

If a discount code is not applying at checkout, please ensure that you are logged in with the correct account and that the code is not expired. (Sales time frames are listed on our website)