1. Open the order confirmation email from our sendowl account and click the link to your copy of Flatline/DoubleTap

2. Click download 



3. Open up iLok License Manager, log into your iLok account. First, make sure that you have registered your License Key with your iLok Account by clicking the following button, and then adding the License Key:


Once you have registered your License Key with your iLok Account. You should see the Flatline/DoubleTap license listed under the ‘Available’ tab, located in the top navigation bar. Right-click on the Flatline license, and activate it to your preferred device:


If you are not seeing Flatline/DoubleTap listed under the ‘Available’ tab, check the ‘All Activations’ tab to see if you have already activated the license to one of your devices. You can also click on the devices - listed on the left-hand side of the UI - to see what licenses have been activated to those devices.

If you can see that you have already activated the Flatline/DoubleTap license to a device, but you are still getting iLok messages prompting you to activate Flatline when you try to use the plugin in your DAW, then try deactivating the Flatline license from your device, and then reactivating it back to the device. Or, try deactivating it from the device, and then try reactivating it to a different device, for example: if you activated it to your iLok dongle, try activating it to your computer instead, or vice versa. 

To do this, check your iLok devices listed on the right-hand side of the iLok License Manager UI. Locate the device to which Flatline/DoubleTap is activated and note which device it is. Right-click Flatline and then select ‘Deactivate’. This will return the Flatline license to the ‘Available’ tab. From the ‘Available’ tab, right-click Flatline and activate it to a different device.

If you have tried all of these methods, and you are still not seeing Flatline/DoubleTap listed anywhere, then I would recommend doubling back to the License Key registration process.